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I miss my dog…

charles the terrier mix

My baby boy Charlie brown died a year and a half ago and I still miss him every single day. He was truly my soul dog. I miss him more these days when I feel like my biological family has not just failed me but in fact are actively trying to tear me down.

I used to have a blog dedicated to my daughter and about my struggles with parenting. I wanted to be open and have my struggled memorialized in real-time so my little one knew what I went through, and so mother’s with the same experiences could relate, and perhaps feel a little less alone in this world.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try to live my life being free to be me, threats and harassment occurs and I find myself in protector mode – wanting to protect my child, my life, and my home. Adding insult to injury, the calls have been coming from inside the house – with the haters starting with family.

I am not one to be easily bullied into fear but since I have become a single mom I have become hypersensitive to protecting my kin. It is a primal maternal instinct that I didn’t expect to be so strong – likely in part because I hardly ever felt I was on the receiving end of that protection.

My dog was a better family member than most of those I share bloodline with. So these stories are about them. Because I am sure some of you can relate.

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